Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating METAP2 and liver rhabdomyosarcoma

METAP2 [ENSP00000325312]

Initiation factor 2-associated 67 kDa glycoprotein; Cotranslationally removes the N-terminal methionine from nascent proteins. The N-terminal methionine is often cleaved when the second residue in the primary sequence is small and uncharged (Met-Ala-, Cys, Gly, Pro, Ser, Thr, or Val). The catalytic activity of human METAP2 toward Met-Val peptides is consistently two orders of magnitude higher than that of METAP1, suggesting that it is responsible for processing proteins containing N- terminal Met-Val and Met-Thr sequences in vivo; Belongs to the peptidase M24A family. Methionine aminopeptidase eukaryotic type 2 subfamily.

Synonyms:  METAP2,  METAP2p,  hMETAP2,  B4DUX5,  F8VQZ7 ...

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