Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CYBRD1 and metal metabolism disorder

CYBRD1 [ENSP00000319141]

Ferric-chelate reductase 3; Ferric-chelate reductase that reduces Fe(3+) to Fe(2+). Present at the brush border of duodenal enterocytes where it probably reduces dietary Fe(3+) thereby facilitating its transport into the mucosal cells. Uses ascorbate as electron donor. May be involved in extracellular ascorbate recycling in erythrocyte membranes. May also act as a ferrireductase in airway epithelial cells; Cytochrome b561

Synonyms:  CYBRD1,  CYBRD1p,  hCYBRD1,  C9JML1,  CYBRD1-001 ...

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