Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating UBASH3A and type 1 diabetes mellitus 8

UBASH3A [ENSP00000317327]

Ubiquitin-associated and SH3 domain-containing protein A; Interferes with CBL-mediated down-regulation and degradation of receptor-type tyrosine kinases. Promotes accumulation of activated target receptors, such as T-cell receptors, EGFR and PDGFRB, on the cell surface. Exhibits negligigle protein tyrosine phosphatase activity at neutral pH. May act as a dominant-negative regulator of UBASH3B-dependent dephosphorylation. May inhibit dynamin-dependent endocytic pathways by functionally sequestering dynamin via its SH3 domain.

Synonyms:  UBASH3A,  UBASH3Ap,  hUBASH3A,  P57075,  P57075p ...

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