Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating TOLLIP and small intestine benign neoplasm

TOLLIP [ENSP00000314733]

Toll interacting protein; Component of the signaling pathway of IL-1 and Toll-like receptors. Inhibits cell activation by microbial products. Recruits IRAK1 to the IL-1 receptor complex. Inhibits IRAK1 phosphorylation and kinase activity. Connects the ubiquitin pathway to autophagy by functioning as a ubiquitin- ATG8 family adapter and thus mediating autophagic clearance of ubiquitin conjugates. The TOLLIP-dependent selective autophagy pathway plays an important role in clearance of cytotoxic polyQ proteins aggregates; C2 domain containing

Synonyms:  TOLLIP,  B3KXC6,  E7EN89,  E9PNS3,  E9PP67 ...

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