Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CD46 and hemolytic anemia

CD46 [ENSP00000313875]

CD46 molecule, complement regulatory protein; Acts as a cofactor for complement factor I, a serine protease which protects autologous cells against complement- mediated injury by cleaving C3b and C4b deposited on host tissue. May be involved in the fusion of the spermatozoa with the oocyte during fertilization. Also acts as a costimulatory factor for T- cells which induces the differentiation of CD4+ into T-regulatory 1 cells. T-regulatory 1 cells suppress immune responses by secreting interleukin-10, and therefore are thought to prevent autoimmunity.

Synonyms:  CD46,  CD46p,  hCD46,  P15529,  Q06C42 ...

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