Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PAAF1 and bladder benign neoplasm

PAAF1 [ENSP00000311665]

Proteasomal ATPase-associated factor 1; Inhibits proteasome 26S assembly and proteolytic activity by impairing the association of the 19S regulatory complex with the 20S core. In case of HIV-1 infection, recruited by viral Tat to the HIV-1 promoter, where it promotes the recruitment of 19S regulatory complex through dissociation of the proteasome 26S. This presumably promotes provirus transcription efficiency. Protects SUPT6H from proteasomal degradation; WD repeat domain containing

Synonyms:  PAAF1,  PAAF1p,  hPAAF1,  A0A024R5N4,  F5H0C4 ...

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