Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CD164 and tomato allergy

CD164 [ENSP00000309376]

Multi-glycosylated core protein 24; Sialomucin that may play a key role in hematopoiesis by facilitating the adhesion of CD34(+) cells to the stroma and by negatively regulating CD34(+)CD38(lo/-) cell proliferation. Modulates the migration of umbilical cord blood CD133+ cells and this is mediated through the CXCL12/CXCR4 axis. May play an important role in prostate cancer metastasis and the infiltration of bone marrow by cancer cells. Promotes myogenesis by enhancing CXCR4-dependent cell motility. Positively regulates myoblast migration and promotes myoblast fusion into myotubes (By similarity).

Synonyms:  CD164,  CD164p,  hCD164,  D6R9B4,  K9J966 ...

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