Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating TUT1 and renal Wilms' tumor

TUT1 [ENSP00000308000]

Speckle targeted PIP5K1A-regulated poly(A) polymerase; Poly(A) polymerase that creates the 3'-poly(A) tail of specific pre-mRNAs. Localizes to nuclear speckles together with PIP5K1A and mediates polyadenylation of a select set of mRNAs, such as HMOX1. In addition to polyadenylation, it is also required for the 3'-end cleavage of pre-mRNAs: binds to the 3'UTR of targeted pre-mRNAs and promotes the recruitment and assembly of the CPSF complex on the 3'UTR of pre-mRNAs. In addition to adenylyltransferase activity, also has uridylyltransferase activity. However, the ATP ratio is higher than UTP in cells, suggesting that it functions primarily as a poly(A) polymerase. Acts as a specific terminal uridylyltransferase for U6 snRNA in vitro: responsible for a controlled elongation reaction that results in the restoration of the four 3'-terminal UMP-residues found in newly transcribed U6 snRNA. Not involved in replication- dependent histone mRNA degradation; Belongs to the DNA polymerase type-B-like family.

Synonyms:  TUT1,  TUT1p,  hTUT1,  F5H0R1,  F8WA97 ...

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