Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CXCL11 and tick-borne encephalitis

CXCL11 [ENSP00000306884]

Interferon-inducible T-cell alpha chemoattractant; Chemotactic for interleukin-activated T-cells but not unstimulated T-cells, neutrophils or monocytes. Induces calcium release in activated T-cells. Binds to CXCR3. May play an important role in CNS diseases which involve T-cell recruitment. May play a role in skin immune responses; Belongs to the intercrine alpha (chemokine CxC) family.

Synonyms:  CXCL11,  CXCL11p,  hCXCL11,  O14625,  Q96KF0 ...

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