Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating BATF2 and acute stress disorder

BATF2 [ENSP00000301887]

Basic leucine zipper transcriptional factor ATF-like 2; AP-1 family transcription factor that controls the differentiation of lineage-specific cells in the immune system. Following infection, participates in the differentiation of CD8(+) thymic conventional dendritic cells in the immune system. Acts via the formation of a heterodimer with JUN family proteins that recognizes and binds DNA sequence 5'-TGA[CG]TCA-3' and regulates expression of target genes (By similarity). Selectively suppresses CYR61/CCN1 transcription and hence blocks the downstream cell proliferation signals produced by CYR61 and inhibits CYR61-induced anchorage-independent growth and invasion in several cancer types, such as breast cancer, malignant glioma and metastatic melanoma. Possibly acts by interfering with AP-1 binding to CYR61 promoter; Belongs to the bZIP family.

Synonyms:  BATF2,  BATF2p,  hBATF2,  B4DV37,  E9PJ73 ...

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