Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PTPRR and autosomal dominant nonsyndromic deafness 1

PTPRR [ENSP00000283228]

Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, R; Sequesters mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) such as MAPK1, MAPK3 and MAPK14 in the cytoplasm in an inactive form. The MAPKs bind to a dephosphorylated kinase interacting motif, phosphorylation of which by the protein kinase A complex releases the MAPKs for activation and translocation into the nucleus (By similarity); Protein tyrosine phosphatases, receptor type

Synonyms:  PTPRR,  DKFZP781C1038,  F8VU63,  F8VVE9,  Q15256 ...

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