Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating REG3G and pancreatitis

REG3G [ENSP00000272324]

Regenerating islet-derived protein III-gamma; Bactericidal C-type lectin which acts exclusively against Gram-positive bacteria and mediates bacterial killing by binding to surface-exposed carbohydrate moieties of peptidoglycan. Restricts bacterial colonization of the intestinal epithelial surface and consequently limits activation of adaptive immune responses by the microbiota. The uncleaved form has bacteriostatic activity, whereas the cleaved form has bactericidal activity against L.monocytogenes and methicillin-resistant S.aureus. Regulates keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation after skin injury.

Synonyms:  REG3G,  REG3Gp,  hREG3G,  Q6UW15,  PAP1B ...

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