Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating MCAM and adhesions of uterus

MCAM [ENSP00000264036]

S-endo 1 endothelial-associated antigen; Plays a role in cell adhesion, and in cohesion of the endothelial monolayer at intercellular junctions in vascular tissue. Its expression may allow melanoma cells to interact with cellular elements of the vascular system, thereby enhancing hematogeneous tumor spread. Could be an adhesion molecule active in neural crest cells during embryonic development. Acts as surface receptor that triggers tyrosine phosphorylation of FYN and PTK2/FAK1, and a transient increase in the intracellular calcium concentration; C2-set domain containing

Synonyms:  MCAM,  A0A024R3I5,  MCAM-001,  MCAM-002,  MCAM-003 ...

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