Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating TRIP4 and muscular atrophy

TRIP4 [ENSP00000261884]

Thyroid receptor-interacting protein 4; Transcription coactivator which associates with nuclear receptors, transcriptional coactivators including EP300, CREBBP and NCOA1, and basal transcription factors like TBP and TFIIA to facilitate nuclear receptors-mediated transcription. May thereby play an important role in establishing distinct coactivator complexes under different cellular conditions. Plays a role in thyroid hormone receptor and estrogen receptor transactivation. Also involved in androgen receptor transactivation (By similarity). Plays a pivotal role in the transactivation of NF-kappa-B, SRF and AP1. Acts as a mediator of transrepression between nuclear receptor and either AP1 or NF- kappa-B. May play a role in the development of neuromuscular junction. May play a role in late myogenic differentiation (By similarity); Zinc fingers

Synonyms:  TRIP4,  TRIP4p,  hTRIP4,  H0YK63,  H0YL91 ...

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