Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating SULF1 and hypotrichosis 2

SULF1 [ENSP00000260128]

Extracellular sulfatase Sulf-1; Exhibits arylsulfatase activity and highly specific endoglucosamine-6-sulfatase activity. It can remove sulfate from the C-6 position of glucosamine within specific subregions of intact heparin. Diminishes HSPG (heparan sulfate proteoglycans) sulfation, inhibits signaling by heparin-dependent growth factors, diminishes proliferation, and facilitates apoptosis in response to exogenous stimulation.

Synonyms:  SULF1,  SULF1p,  hSULF1,  A0A024R809,  E9PI06 ...

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