Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating THAP1 and Meige syndrome

THAP1 [ENSP00000254250]

THAP domain-containing protein 1; DNA-binding transcription regulator that regulates endothelial cell proliferation and G1/S cell-cycle progression. Specifically binds the 5'-[AT]NTNN[GT]GGCA[AGT]-3' core DNA sequence and acts by modulating expression of pRB-E2F cell-cycle target genes, including RRM1. Component of a THAP1/THAP3-HCFC1-OGT complex that is required for the regulation of the transcriptional activity of RRM1. May also have pro-apoptotic activity by potentiating both serum- withdrawal and TNF-induced apoptosis.

Synonyms:  THAP1,  THAP1p,  hTHAP1,  E9PIS9,  Q9NVV9 ...

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