Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating RGS2 and panic disorder

RGS2 [ENSP00000235382]

Cell growth-inhibiting gene 31 protein; Regulates G protein-coupled receptor signaling cascades. Inhibits signal transduction by increasing the GTPase activity of G protein alpha subunits, thereby driving them into their inactive GDP-bound form. It is involved in the negative regulation of the angiotensin-activated signaling pathway. Plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure in response to signaling via G protein-coupled receptors and GNAQ. Plays a role in regulating the constriction and relaxation of vascular smooth muscle (By similarity). Binds EIF2B5 and blocks its activity, thereby inhibiting the translation of mRNA into protein; Endogenous ligands

Synonyms:  RGS2,  RGS2p,  hRGS2,  A0A024R939,  P41220 ...

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