Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PRTN3 and Wissler-Fanconi syndrome

PRTN3 [ENSP00000234347]

Neutrophil proteinase 4; Serine protease that degrades elastin, fibronectin, laminin, vitronectin, and collagen types I, III, and IV (in vitro). By cleaving and activating receptor F2RL1/PAR-2, enhances endothelial cell barrier function and thus vascular integrity during neutrophil transendothelial migration. May play a role in neutrophil transendothelial migration, probably when associated with CD177; Belongs to the peptidase S1 family. Elastase subfamily.

Synonyms:  PRTN3,  PRTN3p,  hPRTN3,  P24158,  ACPA ...

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