Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating LTF and protein-energy malnutrition

LTF [ENSP00000231751]

Lactotransferrin; Transferrins are iron binding transport proteins which can bind two Fe(3+) ions in association with the binding of an anion, usually bicarbonate. Lactoferricin binds to the bacterial surface and is crucial for the bactericidal functions. Has some antiviral activity against papillomavirus infection. N-terminal region shows strong antifungal activity against C.albicans. Contains two BBXB heparin-binding consensus sequences that appear to form the predominate functional GAG- binding site. Lactoferroxins A, B and C have opioid antagonist activity. Lactoferroxin A shows preference for mu-receptors, while lactoferroxin B and C have somewhat higher degrees of preference for kappa-receptors than for mu-receptors. [Isoform DeltaLf]: transcription factor with antiproliferative properties and ability to induce cell cycle arrest. Binds to the DeltaLf response element found in the SKP1, BAX, DCPS, and SELENOH promoters.

Synonyms:  LTF,  C9JCF5,  E7EQB2,  E7ER44,  HEL110 ...

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