Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for paraplegia

Paraplegia [DOID:607]

Paraplegia is an impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities. The word comes from Ionic Greek: παραπληγίη "half-striking". It is usually the result of spinal cord injury or a congenital condition such as spina bifida that affects the neural elements of the spinal canal. The area of the spinal canal that is affected in paraplegia is either the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral regions. If both arms are also affected by paralysis, quadriplegia is the proper terminology. If only one limb is affected, the correct term is monoplegia.

Synonyms:  paraplegia,  DOID:607,  Paraplegia (disorder),  Paraplegia, lower,  Paraplegia disorder ...

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