Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for gait apraxia

Gait apraxia [DOID:4260]

Bruns ataxia, also known as Bruns gait apraxia, frontal ataxia or magnetic gait, is a form of ataxia found in patients with bilateral frontal lobe disorders. It is characterised by an inability to initiate the process of walking, despite the power and coordination of the legs being normal when tested in the seated or lying position. The gait is broad-based with short steps with a tendency to fall backwards. It was originally described in patients with frontal lobe tumours, but is now more commonly seen in patients with cerebrovascular disease.

Synonyms:  gait apraxia,  DOID:4260,  Gait apraxia (finding),  Gait apraxia finding,  Gait apraxia