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Human genes for lactic acidosis

Lactic acidosis [DOID:3650]

Lactic acidosis is a physiological condition characterized by low pH in body tissues and blood (acidosis) accompanied by the buildup of lactate especially D-lactate, and is considered a distinct form of metabolic acidosis. The condition typically occurs when cells receive too little oxygen (hypoxia), for example, during vigorous exercise. In this situation, impaired cellular respiration leads to lower pH levels. Simultaneously, cells are forced to metabolize glucose anaerobically, which leads to lactate formation. Therefore, elevated lactate is indicative of tissue hypoxia, hypoperfusion, and possible damage. Lactic acidosis is characterized by lactate levels >5 mmol/L and serum pH <7.35.

Synonyms:  lactic acidosis,  DOID:3650,  Lactic acidosis (disorder),  Lactic acidosis disorder,  Lactic acidosis

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