Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for granulosa cell tumor

Granulosa cell tumor [DOID:2999]

Granulosa cell tumours (or granulosa-theca cell tumours) are tumours that arise from granulosa cells. These tumours are part of the sex cord-gonadal stromal tumour or non-epithelial group of tumours. Although granulosa cells normally occur only in the ovary, granulosa cell tumours occur in both ovaries and testicles (see Ovarian cancer and Testicular cancer). These tumours should be considered malignant and treated in the same way as other malignant tumours of ovary. The staging system for these tumours is the same as for epithelial tumours and most present as stage I. The peak age at which they occur is 50–55 years, but they may occur at any age.

Synonyms:  granulosa cell tumor,  DOID:2999,  Granulosa cell neoplasm,  Granulosa cell tumor NOS (morphologic abnormality),  Granulosa cell tumor, adult type (morphologic abnormality) ...