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Human genes for capillary hemangioma

Capillary hemangioma [DOID:2725]

A capillary hemangioma (also known as an "Infantile hemangioma," "Strawberry hemangioma":593, and "Strawberry nevus") is the most common variant of hemangioma which appears as a raised, red, lumpy area of flesh anywhere on the body, though 83% occur on the head or neck area. These marks occur in about 10% of all births:81, and usually appear between one and four weeks after birth. It may grow rapidly, before stopping and slowly fading. Some are gone by the age of 2 , about 60% by 5 years, and 90–95% by 9 years. Capillary hemangioma is a vascular anomaly.

Synonyms:  capillary hemangioma,  DOID:2725,  Capillary hemangioma (disorder),  Capillary hemangioma (morphologic abnormality),  Congenital vascular hamartoma ...