Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for cerebral arteritis

Cerebral arteritis [DOID:11390]

Cerebral vasculitis or central nervous system vasculitis (sometimes the word angiitis is used instead of "vasculitis") is vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessel wall) involving the brain and occasionally the spinal cord. It may produce a wide range of neurological symptoms, such as headache, difficulty moving or coordinating part of the body, changes in sensation, and alterations in perception, thought or behaviour, as well as the phenomena of a mass lesion in the brain leading to coma and herniation. Some of its symptoms may resemble multiple sclerosis. 10% have associated cerebral hemorrhage.

Synonyms:  cerebral arteritis,  DOID:11390,  Cerebral arteritis (disorder),  Cerebral arteritis disorder,  Cerebral arteritis