Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for nodular malignant melanoma

Nodular malignant melanoma [DOID:10047]

Nodular melanoma (NM) is the most aggressive form of melanoma. It tends to grow more rapidly in thickness (penetrate the skin) than in diameter. Instead of arising from a pre-existing mole, it may appear in a spot where a lesion did not previously exist . Since NM tends to grow in depth more quickly than it does in width, and can occur in a place that did not have a previous lesion, the prognosis is often worse because it takes longer for a person to be aware of the changes. NM is most often darkly pigmented; however, some NM lesions can be light brown, multicolored or even colorless (non-pigmented). A light-colored or non-pigmented NM lesion may escape detection because the appearance is not alarming, however an ulcerated and/or bleeding lesion is common. :696 Polypoid melanoma is a virulent variant of nodular melanoma.:696

Synonyms:  nodular malignant melanoma,  DOID:10047,  nodular melanoma (morphologic abnormality),  nodular melanoma morphologic abnormality,  nodular melanoma